Online Map Campaign Tool

This is a campaign map tool for table top miniature games that enables a group of players can use to manage a campaign.


Players can create factions/armies which are invited to join a campaign

Campaign manager can create a campaign with:
  • Campaign details with description and rules.

  • A dynamically sized map.

  • Custom map background (uploaded image).

  • Custom named locations with conditions and effects for games and armies.

  • set controlling factions for each location (hex).

  • Set colours for each faction in the campaign (these colour the locations they control).

All players can create events; linking them to each location on the map to build a story as the campaign progresses that all players can easily follow. Campaign managers can create campaign events such as the beginning/end of a round or narrative events with instructions for all players.

User Guide

Here is a quick video of how it all works:

Fancy having a go?

If you are interested in creating your own campaign and seeing how it all works for yourself, please feel free to Register an account and log in.

Whats new?

I have created a page with new features and bug fixes for the campaign tool, if you want to keep up with the latest developments and fixes and even let me know about a bug you have found: Click here.