Age of Sigmar Skaven Pestilens Warscroll Cards

I have recently been working on some warscroll cards for my Age of Sigmar Skaven Pestilens units, and I have them pretty much finished.

They are designed to be put into card sleeves for standard game cards making them handy for writing notes with dry erase pens. The abilities have been "broken out" into separate cards to allow them to be stacked under the main unit card and even placed on the table next to affected units as a reminder or learning tool while playing.

Here are the warscroll cards I have made for my Skaven Pestilens:

Feel free to download and print them for your own use.

And finally we have a blank version of the card that you yourselves should be able to easily use to make your own...

All in all these have proven to be a great addition to my gaming accessories for Age of Sigmar and I can recommend them to anyone looking to make playing games easier and faster.